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Legacy Pilates & STRENGTH Frequently asked Questions

What do I need to bring ?

Wear comfortable activewear that allows you to move freely & work up a sweat.
Grip socks are mandatory & must be worn in all Reformer Pilates classes. 
You can purchase these for $19.95 in studio.
Runners to any STRENGTH based class.
a water bottle & sweat towel. 
We do have sweat towels in the studio in case you need to borrow one. 
All classes have details on what to expect from each class & what to bring.


Where do I park my car ?

You can find free parking out the front of the studio in between Legacy Pilates Studio & Croydon Park (2P).
There is more parking in the laneway directly parallel with this car park that will bring you towards the side of our building (3P). 
Also more parking across the road towards the cinemas (3P). 


Are phones acceptable in class ?

We ask that you come into class with the purpose to clear your mind and focus on yourself for 50 minutes.
A perfect time for a little digital detox. Please place your phone with all your other personal belongings into a cubby hole upon arrival.


How often should I do Pilates per week ?

This a very personal question as it depends on your goals, your current fitness level and what other method of training your currently doing. If you are looking for a long lean physique we suggest 3 class minimum per week, with 150 minutes cardio.

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